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The Steelers just happened to be the group that had the package

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The Steelers just happened to be the group that had the package
I believe that the problem is you're thinking he speaking about flexibility means playing a bunch of positions where he's thinking about versatility where he can roam the field like Polamalu and Ed Reed had the liberty to do, not versatility as in drama with a considerable amount of SS/LB/SCB/CB/FS like he did with us. There was an Mut 21 coins article where he said that he"Liked the versatility playing safety brings" or something along those lines, I will edit this post once I find it. That does not mean enjoying to play a bunch of different places. That's a bad look for my defending argument. It feels like he is trying to talk up but it is ironic that he said that, particularly about acting in the box, even when it is a position he admitted he is not comfortable playing.

He didn't force his way. The Steelers just happened to be the group that had the package. At the time Big Ben got hurt, they were 0-2, and their defense seemed like shit together with their QB not being inspirational. The FO likely thought they could find a top 10 or top 5 1st rounder so that's why they got picked, not because Minkah picked the Steelers. I think you because there's zero evidence that shows he simply didn't need to be for the rebuild, because it's convenient and lots of our fans just go with this story. Coming out of college, what had been praised more than anything about him was his personality and work ethic so it's hard to believe all of that would just disappear just because"He didn't wish to be in existence for the rebuild".

What's much likelier is he saw how he was continuing to be misused and requested to perform a position he didn't have the body type for so instead of looking like a fair do everything participant that would not help the team considerably, he decided to attempt to go to another team in hopes that they play him at positions he can flourish. Instead of sacrificing thousands looking mediocre to average as a jack of all trades, he goes to a team which may unlock his pro potential in addition to aid that team a great deal more rather than being run over while playing too many snaps in LB/SS. To make it look like this all is on Minkah choosing to stop out of the blue as if the coaching team played no role is ridiculous and I guess it's just our fans becoming homers.

Madden 21 Must be cross-platform for PC sake

Madden 20 on PC is all but unplayable at a few points, I haven't found a single squads match SINCE LAUNCH, I played the exact same precise child 7 times in a row at weekend league last week, Madden NFL can take over 20 minutes to find a game and the market is totally screwed. There are cards that are cheap on PS4/XBOX such as buy Madden 21 coins 89 OVR Kyle Juszczyk that were going for upwards of 50k. There also isn't really a method to"play the market" on cards such as gold tickets, as often you won't see cards such as Kelvin Benjamin for 5-6 days at one time. Cross-play would make everything more pleasurable.

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